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Dream Alchemy!

Remedios Varo's "Creation of the Birds."

For those seeking to understand, explore

and be excited by their dreams.

I imagine you are here for many reasons. Like me, you have been fascinated by your dreams.

My own fascination began when I was a child and, like Alice in her Looking Glass, followed the dreaming path.  And for many years, felt completely baffled by my experiences and quite alone. Yet, I continued to write down my dreams for many years knowing they were important but not knowing why. These big dreams informed the trajectory of my life.

The “Big” Dream

I experienced a most curious and cryptic dream in 2003. In the dream, I was an exiled monk in the 1500’s shunned from my village and later welcomed at a sanctuary of alchemists. They assured me I was one of them and I had just “forgotten the ways.” I named this community of mystics “The Dreamers.”

Finding My Tribe

Two years later, I met Justina Lasley, director of the Institute for Dream Studies, and I later attended my first IASD conference.  Then I moved to the Bay Area, where I got a dream certificate and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from JFKU. It felt like a homecoming and I have never looked back.  I now had a community of wise mentors and fellow dreamers who not only normalized these experiences, but instilled knowledge and a sense of purpose in me.

Dreaming Ancestors in Italy

Another turning point was more personal. It came as a result of learning for the first time about the mystical vocation of my great aunt. According to my father, my Zia was a dream worker and healer in her village in the region of Puglia, Italy. People came from all over to discuss their dreams and she, in turn, gave them practical and spiritual advice.

I was flabbergasted! Yet it was so right. The trajectory of my life finally made sense to me. No one in my family had talked about the ancestors, let alone dreams, before, and knowing about my Zia gave me the validation I needed to continue my work. And my dream life took off!

Finding Our Voice/ Finding Our Community

Unfortunately, there is stigma attached to dreams and the transpersonal, but there need not be. A part of me will always wonder what my childhood would have been like if I had the knowledge about my ancestors sooner.

I am so grateful for the dreaming communities in the Bay Area like the IASD, JFKU and The Dream Tribe. And because of my experience, I feel it’s one of my missions to reach out to others.

My hope is that by working with and creating a dialogue around dreams, we can bring the wisdom out in the open and into the world. I feel the tide is turning!