Linda Mastrangelo’s Dream Alchemy Shop is Now Open on Etsy!


Linda Mastrangelo Dream Alchemy Banner!

I am excited to share my new collection on Etsy of alchemical creature talismans that bring gifts to the wearer. Please visit: to view the collection!


These pieces entitled “The Dream Collector: Fauna and Flora: Specimens Oneiritica” reflect images from my dreams that I have been collecting, examining and processing over the last twenty years of my life.

By combining Oneirology with Entomology, these displayed alchemical symbols have been extracted from the dream, according to identity and alchemical process, and made into one-…of-a-kind amulets. The illustrations along with natural found objects, like flowers, stones, seaweed, are put into resin inside upcycled copper.


These unique art pieces act as a talisman, bringing potency and special gifts to the wearer. Each amulet carries a special name and detailed explanation of its properties.

From inviting in love, joy and abundance to clearing out old energy to make way for the new, take your time examining each image and see which one “calls to you.” Then have fun seeing which alchemical process is present for you or a loved one at this time.

To enhance your experience, you may add essences to the lava stone for aromatherapy! Or combine two alchemical symbols together to create a more individualized look and energy. Custom one of a kind art and pieces are also available for the ultimate experience.

Thanks for visiting and please my etsy shop to explore more creatures

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