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Dream Alchemy!

For those seeking to understand, explore

and be excited by their dreams.

Dream Work as Dream Medicine

I have been a prolific dreamer since childhood and have kept dream journals for over 25 years. Through my own personal practices, I discovered the remarkable potential of dreams. Since everybody dreams, then we all have access to the wise and healing messages there; as well as the dream’s transformative possibilities as “good medicine.”

Over time, I have developed techniques that have empowered people to make more mindful changes in their lives and communities. Because dreams can go right to the core of issues, I use a gentle approach while encouraging  my clients to explore at their own pace while accessing their own wisdom.

I offer individual and group consultation as well as professional development workshops and trainings for those who seek to work with dreams in their own practices.

Linda’s areas of emphasis include:

  • Dream Work for Personal & Professional Development

  • Grief  & Loss

  • Coping with Sleep Issues

  • Nightmares & Stress

  • Working with Life Transitions

  • Family Systems & Ancestral Healing

  • Expressive Arts

  • Emotions and the Body

  • Building Self Esteem

  • Finding Your Life’s Calling

  • Jungian Methodologies

  • Spiritual Alchemy

  • Sacred Activism


Because our culture does not honor the dream, the language and content can be elusive, if not discouraging.  Dream Alchemy is here to help you better understand and unlock the secrets of your dreams by providing individual dream sessions, groups and workshops. By being a direct participant  in your soul journey, you will ultimately make better choices and live a much deeper, richer and authentic life.

One-on One Dream Counseling

These 70 minute sessions are designed to help you explore your dreams in a deeper way and discover how to uncover the “gold” or guidance , gifts and messages hidden there.  With these new found discoveries and skills, you can take positive action in your waking life.

Sessions available in person, Skype or by phone. Fee is $125 and dream packages are available!

Dream Groups

The group series is designed to approach dreams in a dynamic/interactive yet safe setting. Explore dreams with others using carefully crafted techniques to help unpack the wisdom and magic hidden there. From expressive arts to active imagination, have fun discovering the creative potential of your dreams!

Dream Group sessions are usually offered in a small group setting (up to 8 members) in a 6 week series/ each session about 100-120 minutes each. Fee is $240. Check the website regularly for groups starting up or contact me if you wish to create your own group.

Professional Development Trainings

For professionals seeking guidance in how to work with and empower their clients through dreams.

In indigenous cultures, it was often the healers or “medicine men and women” who would aid those who were suffering by offering their knowledge illuminated by a vision or dream. We modern day healers too can glean the wisdom of our client’s dreams by unpacking the messages or “good medicine” already living there.

Please check website regularly for upcoming workshops and trainings. If would like me to come to your organization, you may contact me directly for personally tailored trainings.

Some topics include: Dreams as Good Medicine, Dreams and Grief, Dreams and the Body, Dreams as Spiritual Practice, Nightmares and Children,

Getting Started

If you’re thinking about dream work, you may have a lot of questions. I offer a free short consultation so we can explore your specific needs.

You can call me at 408-658-6757 or email me at for more information and/or for your free consultation or to make an appointment.

I use paypal for payment services.

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Santa Cruz (MAH) Museum Of Art and History’s Third Fridays “Lightning Talks” Event

Linda Mastrangelo’s Dream Alchemy Workshop: Dreams within the Dream (6-6:45 PM)
Explore how to glean the wisdom from our dreams. No experience necessary. Just bring a dream you wish to work with. Dreams can be the maps to our true potentials as many inventions, scientific discoveries and works of art began as seeds of inspiration in our nocturnal reveries. By unpacking the messages of hope and visions for the future, we can recognize what actions we may take to follow our ‘dreams within the dream.’


February 20, 2015
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


No advance tickets available; tickets sold day-of at the MAH starting at 4:30PM. $5 General | $3 Students, Seniors & Kids | FREE for MAH Members & Children Under 12


MAH Atrium

705 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060, United States

Phone: 831-429-1964

Or visit:



Dream Group for Personal Development

Hosts: Linda Mastrangelo, MFT Registered Intern #67357

Michele Barbic, MFT Registered Intern # 75034

Both under the supervision of Steven E. Smith, LMFT (MFC 46347).


Time: 1:15pm-3pm

The art of dream sharing is an ancient practice going back to our ancient ancestors. We too can discover the wisdom in our dreams by unpacking the messages already living there. In this 6 week series you will:

* Learn the language of dreams

* Share and explore dreams using dynamic techniques in an intimate setting

* Have time for your specific questions

Cost: $240

To register use Paypal below or call: 408-658-6757 or email: or



GRIEF GROUP:  For Those Who Experienced Loss

Hosts: Linda Mastrangelo, LMFT #86356

Michele Barbic, MFT Registered Intern # 75034 (under the supervision of Steven E. Smith, LMFT (MFC 46347).


Time: 11:00-12:30 PM

Everyone grieves differently and there is no one ‘right’ answer for how to cope. But you don’t need to be alone in this process. No matter how long you’ve been grieving, we offer a safe and compassionate place to explore the complex emotions of loss, provide tools and strategies, as we build a community of hope and connection.

Some of these topics will include:

• finding out what you need to do, not what others think ‘is right’

• how to avoid unneeded stress while tending to your feelings of grief

• finding ways to self-soothe

• building a community of hope and connection

Cost: $40 per session/ $220 for 6 sessions

To register or more information contact:

Michele at: 408-520-1572 or email

Linda at: 408-658-6757 or email


To register use Paypal below or call: 408-658-6757 or email: or




Linda Mastrangelo – Meeting the Psychopomp: An Oneironaut’s Journey into the Underworld


Linda Mastrangelo

Meeting the Psychopomp: An Oneironaut’s Journey into the Underworld

From the Greek psuchopompos meaning the “guide of souls”, a psychopomp (creature, spirit, deity or even human) is one who can travel between worlds. In this paper, I will be exploring dreams where I am assisting medicine elders with psychopompic rituals such as healing and ushering the dead, or helping families grieve their recently departed. I will also be exploring the parallels of these nightly journeys with those of my own ancient ancestral practices. It isn’t surprising that I chose to engage in grief work in waking life, helping families who are experiencing their own initiations through grieving their departed loved ones. Overall, these dreams feel very real and potent – as if I am engaging in a second career at night! My hope is to invite other dreamers to share and dialogue about psychopompic dreaming “with the other.”